MADS & MOSS candles are made at our home studio with help from the energy of the New Moon & Full Moon of each lunar cycle. Every candle is numbered & dated, with the exact time the wax & herbs were poured into the vessel.

Our candles are created from a soy-based wax, melted over stove top to the proper temperature mixed with dried herbs, salts, resin, flowers, spices, & homemade essential oils made from foraged findings & local bounty from our garden & nearby farms. Each candle is poured into a reusable, glass jar, finished with two wood wicks.

To get the best burn for your MADS & MOSS small-batch, soy wax candle:

  • The recommended burn time is 3-4 hours.
  • Light both the wood wicks all the way across, not just one on one side or in the middle. This will help create an even burn.
  • Allow the candle to burn until the wax melts out to all the edges of the jar. This may take a full 60 minutes. The flame height may change at times & it may even look like it's about to self-extinguish, but that's totally okay!!! Even if you are experiencing a “low” flame, it will continue to heat & the flame height will return. The recommended burn time is 3-4 hours. Since it takes about 45-60 minutes to melt the soy wax to the edges of the jar, it is recommended not to light the candle if you plan on only enjoying it for a short period of time, like less than an hour.
  • Keep the candle away from drafts, such as ceiling fans, air conditioners or breezes.
  • Never move or handle the candle while burning. This is unsafe &  pouring or removing liquid wax from the vessel will cause the wick to extinguish.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to between ⅛ & ¼ inch. If the candle begins to smoke, or if the flame height is greater than 1½ inches, gently blow out the candle, allow the wick & wax to cool, & trim the wick by gently running your finger across the top of it. Remove all wick trimmings before relighting. Cut the wick evenly across to help create a better burn.
  • For your safety the candle is designed to self-extinguish when only ⅜ inch of wax remains.
  • Please keep candle away from all children, pets & adult beings who may be a bit too intoxicated. Use common sense safety rules & be smart.

MADS & MOSS candles are tested time & time again, especially since we are creating new recipes all the time, but every once in a while, a candle is a dud. And that sucks. We are really sorry about that. It totally ruins our day when a candle doesn't work out. So if you end up with a dud, send it back! Call us up, email us, use the "contact" tab. Let us know about it. We will ask you to send us your dud, so we can see what went wrong, maybe recycle the wax (if we can) & jar ...& we will send you a new, hopefully not another dud, candle RIGHT AWAY! On us, completely on us. We love you. We appreciate you. We want you to have access to really good, made with love (& all plant-based material) candles that smell really good & come with great energy .... so, we've got you. We will try over & over again until no duds remain. ;) But, then again, we can't predict the future & a dud may still get poured... so let us know! We really want you to be happy.

with love & light,